Special Issue

Special Issue Guidelines

Special Issue Proposal:

Cloud Journals normally publishes special issues throughout the year. Cloud Journals publications management team identify proposals that are of the highest quality for publication. Special issues include only those topics having maximum demand and interest. Cloud Journals accepts special issues proposals on manuscripts that fall within the scope of the journal.

Cloud Journals accepts special issues proposals throughout the year with deadlines. The proposal document should contain the following information:

  • Title: It should be concise and relevant to the study.
  • Purpose: It should be clear and focused
  • Scope: It should include demanding comparative areas studies of journals.
  • Contributors: There should be a list of the contributors with their names and affiliations.
  • Deadlines: Exact submission and review dates should be there in the proposal.
  • Guest Editor-in-Chief: It should include name, institutional affiliation and contact details.
  • Guest Editors: It should include addresses of guest editors, their email addresses, phone numbers and fax details.

Guest Editor-in-Chief play a key role in preparing a special issue, therefore, the proposal should include the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Guest Editor-in-Chief selects and decides a key topic of a special issue that will be under the scope of the journal.
  • Guest Editor-in-Chief put forward expected contributions of the special issue.
  • What will be the topic relevant manuscripts and possible authors for special issues are selected by guest editors only.
  • Each manuscript should be included with a brief description.
  • Guest Editor-in-Chief must signify the schedule in which the special issue could be produced that includes a call for papers, reviewing, and submission of final copy.

Special issue proposal should include the following pattern of the manuscript:

  • A special issue should include a minimum of 10-12 manuscripts.
  • The length per manuscript maybe 7,000-8,000 words which also include abstract, tables and appendices.
  • The proposal of the special issue should not be confined to 10-12 manuscripts but it should include maximum manuscripts. 

We look forward to possible special issues proposals and inquiries at:  info@cloudjl.com , info@cloudpublications.org